Ultimate Music League The most fun interactive app for music competitions

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Ultimate Musician’s League is a fantasy football-style game for musicians that allows students to track their musical “stats” the way a professional athlete can! Turn your classroom into teams and host matches between students to provide real-time feedback based on teacher/peer evaluation. Students can track their statistics to improve specific aspects of their playing inside of a friendly and competitive environment. The Ultimate Musician’s League is the most fun you or your students will have playing their instruments, leaving you to manage your team towards victory.

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Instructor FAQ


After you’ve set up your league, made the student teams and created matches it’s time to have your first match! There’s no right way, but here’s how we’ve typically done it over the last few years while testing out our concept:

Step #1 - Make sure all of your students are logged into the site and on the match page (see "Student Step 2: How to Score a Match") (this should be a hyperlink to the video)

Step #2 - Player 1 enters and performs while the class files out the judging form (We’ve had the players walk into the room using WWF-style ‘intro’ music with a voice over announcing their hometown, horn model, etc.... This adds some fun and gives the class an opportunity to judge their stage presence, bowing, etc…)

Step #3 - Allow for a few minutes after Player 1 performs for the class to finish up judging and adding commentary on UML.

Step #4 - Player 2 enters and performs

Step #5 - Scores will be automatically tabulated and displayed on the site. After one hour they will display on the player and team stats pages!

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